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Below you will find an assortment of science project tutorials and demonstrations. We would love if you took a minute to browse these and draw some inspiration from them for your next science experiment. Most of the materials needed can purchased from our online store by viewing our catalog.

Water Pressure Experiment

In this science experiment you will learn how air temperature affects the pressure inside a bottle and how to do this fun project to show this happening in real life.

Underwater Candle Trick

This tutorial will teach you about heat and one of the ways you can use water to do something that seems impossible: burn a candle underwater.

Vortex in a Bottle Tutorial

This video will show you how to demonstrate a vortex, the great force and mesmerizing spin of a vortex is truly an awesome thing to see and to be able to recreate at home.

We have a double ended tube that makes this experiment a lot easier and less messy. Check it out here!

Soap Experiment Compilation

This compilation video has awesome tricks and experiments you can do at home with soap. There are so many cool things to try that you’ll definitely want to watch and learn from this clip.

Float an Egg in Salt Water Experiment

This experiment illustrates water density and how that relates to the floating of an egg, or really any object in a liquid like water.

Science Fair Project Ideas

This video focuses on how to perform a successful science fair project and gives tips as well as ideas about what you can do to make sure you get a perfect grade.

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