Science Discovery Kit ~ Electric Motor ~ Generator

Dowling Magnets

$ 38.99 

Science Discovery Kits- Best sellers for over 20 years – created by a high school science teacher who really knows his stuff! Comprehensive activity guides were carefully designed to boost students’ prior knowledge before they jump into the more complex projects. Guide from each kit includes the same 5-6 experiments to introduce magnetism followed by 5-6 different projects for the focus of topic of the kit. Aligned with Next Generation Science Standards. Perfect for small groups or science fair projects. Assorted supplies included. (please note, you may need other common house hold items to complete some experiments and projects)
Electric Motor/Generator Kit
Explore the wonders of Magnets! Amaze yourself with the magic of magnetism when you power a light bulb and build your own motor! For young scientists ages 10+. Assembly normally requires parent-participation.

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