PEHANON® 5.2 - 6.8 pH Test Strips 200/pk


$ 22.95 
SKU: 90416


PEHANON® is a special pH-test strips that unifies the pH-indicator and the reference colors on one strip and has the following advantages:

Any sample color has the same effect on both, the reference colors and the reactive pad. This ensures unadulterated readings in colored solutions. The user can be sure to get accurate pH-values.

An invisible hydrophobic barrier just above the top color field prevents capillary action of the test solution beyond. The handle will remain dry and clean whatever the sample is. Therefore the use of the strip is very safe.

pH-values can be determined without a separate color chart. Workers and machinists can use single strips instead of complete packs with color chart which makes PEHANON® highly economic.

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