Kimtech Pure W4 Critical Task Wipers 12" x 12"

VWR Scientific

$ 49.95 
SKU: 33330-100


Low-linting wipers for ISO Class 4 (FED-STD-209E Class 10/M2.5) cleanroom assembly operations, pharmaceutical operations, and other clean environments. Made of a unique, 100% polypropylene, nonwoven fabric that is low in particulate matter and low in extractable levels. Soft, absorbent, durable wipers contain no binders or reinforcing fibers. They eliminate surface fibers, trap particles, and will not scratch sensitive surfaces. Each wiper can absorb over four times its weight in liquids. Acid-, base-, and solvent-resistant; will not break down or disintegrate when exposed to chemicals. Color: white.

Conform to EIA 541 standard. Meet the USDA requirements for food contact.

Packaged in antistatic, self-dispensing double poly bags


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